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Born in 1984 in Tokyo
The CEO of IN FOCUS INC. / Creative Director / Photographer
While working as a manager at club, started a career as a graphic designer on his own. In 2006, entered PAX CREATION and worked under Ikuzo Fujimura as an assistant designer. Next year, moved to San Francisco and entered Btrax Inc. and worked as a web designer.
Moving back to Japan in 2009, started to work as a freelance Web designer, graphic designer, and photographer. while accompanying an artist unit Gravityfree on Japan tour as a photographer.
In 2010, entered Qetic Inc. and worked as an art director and photographer for Web Magazine Qetic.
In 2012, founded IN FOCUS Inc.as a group company of en one tokyo. The work of IN FOCUS Inc. is centered on the fields that are essential to digital contents including planning, development, and management for the Web as well as graphic design, photography,and movie.